Common Knowledge

-King = Arthur Traxon, Traxons have been rulers of Galdria for many centuries.
-A rich, well protected, powerful human nation (most powerful nation in the world)
-Capital city is Hope’s Bastion. A walled supercity with over one million population. Protected by a great wall to the north and stone keeps to the south.
-At war with Alberichwood

Uncommon Knowledge

Seeking to expand borders in Disputed Land (Humans in DL like it, half-elves want violence to stop, Elves hate it)

Does some trading with dwarves of The Silver Hills, but Galdria has its own mines and means of production (not dwarvish quality though)

Tries to keep the barbarian, ruffian, uncivilized human population to the south (Blizztering Wilds) out of their nation…

Experienced from the campaign

None yet.


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