Blizztering Wilds

Common Knowledge

Made up of many small ‘tribes’.
Strongest and most powerful (and therefore the leader of the united tribes) is the Wolf Pack
Mostly human. Some goliath. Few Orc and Half-Orc. Very few dragonborn (from an ancient dragon that resided in those alps.

Uncommon Knowledge

Many barbarians, fighters etc. (No real dex or int types come from here)
The main city, which is more of a collection of tents and lodges, is known as Frostfeather’s Reprieve.
It provides a shield on all sides from the icy wind.
Named after the Frost Dragon who once resided there and gave life to the few dragonborn in that area.

You also know about an orc tribe that is building up numbers and weapons. Rumors are they are going to invade Galdria. The Wolf Pack and other tribes are debating whether to help invade, or defend their fellow humans to the north

Experienced from the campaign

None yet.

Blizztering Wilds

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