The Fall of Haven

The party made camp and called it an early night. Around 3-4 in the morning, Varkas noticed an orange-yellow glow coming from the approximate location of Haven. He could tell there was heat from this glow and immediately woke the party. They ran to Haven and found the whole hamlet set ablaze.

Dead kobold bodies littered the streets as they approached Adoril’s house. They found him dead in his house with three Drow dead beside him, two male and one female. They noticed a large fight and perceived that the Drow soldiers must have been looking for something, perhaps the map they had in their possession…

The party split here and started looking for survivors. Varkas and Albino found that there had been a huge massacre at the town inn. It was there that they met Walry Onyxarm, a dwarven trader who had survived by hiding amongst the corpses.

After checking for more survivors and failing to find any, the party followed Walry to a farmhouse/villa just outside of town. The party attempted to deceive the kobolds, but failed when their owner commanded them to kill the imposters.

The party quickly dispatched of the kobolds, but had a more difficult time with the male Drow who tried to finish the job. After a long bloody battle, the party was victorious and able to stabilize the Drow. They tied him up and Varkas spoke/interrogated/talked to the Drow in elvish. (lol like 2 sentences for a 2+ hours battle…)

The party looted the corpses, finding some valuable items. They explored most of the residence, finding more valuables inside. Albino found a scared young adult woman named Cailove Loyalar, who he comforted, and he told her they had slain all the invaders. She seemed incredibly thankful and relieved to be safe, and she offered great reward if the party would escort her back home in Kimbolton (to the west).
See: World Map

Knowing that more Kobolds and Drow could be coming to reinforce at any moment, the party decided not to stay the night. There was a feast mostly prepared, baths, silk beds, and a warm hearth… but the risk was not worth it. The party requisitioned a total of five horses from the stables, saddled them up, and left town. They rode west on the main trade road towards Kimbolton and is staying at an inn just off the road for the first night of an approx~ 4day journey.

Final notes:
Walry Onyxarm died in combat
Cailove Loyalar claims she is a Lady of noble birth and that her father is the Lord of Kimbolton as well as a very rich man.


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