Mouqol Merchants Guild House

So the party does some stuff around town like selling the dragon’s blood, enchanting a few weapons, and preparing for the coming night’s activities. They execute the plan very well at first, sneaking into the guild house and searching the rooms for their target.

The party eventually find their target in the ballroom praying to his god. They engage him and find out he is a religious paladin who is granted the aid of his god in combat. During the fight, the paladin told the party that striking him down will mean nothing, the guild has proof of Lord Loyalar’s illegal activities which will come to light whether he dies or not…

The party seemed uninterested in his ramblings and struck the paladin down. Rather than lighting the fires and leaving, the party decided to stick around and search the mansion for treasures. They eventually found a vault hidden under an altar in the chapel. They looted the goods inside blah blah blah. The guards outside were almost able to alert other of what had happened, but the party manage to trick them and cut them down… it was a pretty bad fuck up.

All four party members made it back to the castle without anyone really noticing them, though their absence at the party may have been noted by some, who knows.

Swiftar made the fire look like an alcohol induced accidence. The guildhouse burned down into a pile of soot and ash by the next morning despite town guard and other attempting to put out the flames. No bodies have been found or recovered yet.

Next session starts at dawn of that next morning.


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