Into The Silver Hills -- Undead Cavern

The next morning the party goes about there business as if nothing happened. A few run some errands in town while others stay in and read a good book. Albino is informed by Cailove that there is going to be a private banquet to thank the party and that there is going to be a big surprise. Varkas also hears rumors around town that many political leaders and nobles from out of town are coming to celebrate at the banquet this coming evening.

Ohms takes the morning to go see Lord Loyalar’s personal blacksmith and see how the dragon scale armor is coming. The smith pulled an all-nighter working on the armor and is able to present it to Ohms. It is very finely crafted scale armor with 5-resist to cold damage (it can also be enchanted still).

That evening, at the banquet, the party enjoys another hearty feast. After the meal, Lord Loyalar calls each of them by name to come forward. Once all of them are there, he takes out a sword and makes Albino an official Knight of Galdria. The rest of the party is given the rank of Esquire of Galdria. They are given diplomatic papers, and Albino is presented with a magical Banner of Galdria (which is a Banner of Might). The party is each given a riding horse except Albino, who is given a war horse with some fancy light barding. The party celebrates and parties etc etc, it was a good night.

Not long after, the party decides it is time to leave Kimbolton in order to find the Dean of the wizard school that Swiftar went to. The Dean is said to be a Gatekeeper according to Lord Loyalar, just as Adoril was. The party wants to know more about these Gates and Gatekeepers, as well as what it means now that Adoril is dead.

The party heads northwest toward/into The Silver Hills. They manage to cross the border with their diplomatic papers and eventually arrive in the small town of Dragon’s Foot, just a small trek from where the wizard school is. There are many dwarven military personnel in this city, much more than is normal. Swiftar finds out that the wizard college has been destroyed and nearly all the faculty/staff killed. No one knows if the Dean is alive or dead. The party’s only lead is a student who escaped from the school. The party gets some information from him and deduces that the mage who attacked the college must be hiding out in an abandoned mine/cavern outside of town.

The party first investigates the destroyed college and then heads into the abandoned mine. They find dead bodies that have been rotting for what seems like months, most of the flesh eaten away and just bones remaining. Very shortly after seeing this, the skeletons reanimate and the party engages in combat with the undead foes. After a difficult battle, the bruised and beaten party is victorious. They deduce that the mage who attacked the college must be a necromancer…

We stopped here, the party has patched their wounds and caught their breath. They are about to venture deeper into the cavern.


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