Goblin Cave

The party entered the goblin cave and almost immediately triggered a trap in a secret room. They recovered from this and encountered a door. They peaked in and saw at least one goblin in that room. They tied the door closed using rope and moved toward a set of double doors.

The party entered combat in the main boss chamber and left no goblin or beast alive. They found the map, but soon after entered combat with goblin reinforcements… The party slayed those goblins, eventually with the help of Varkas who was blocking the exit.

After the second round of combat, the party used a ritual to discover the secrets of the map.
They also found a secret room triggered by pulling on a special torch. In the room was a locked chest which Khadgar unlocked. Inside was treasure and the jewelry.

The party split the goods, left the goblin hideout, and headed back to Haven. It had been a VERY long day at this point, so they traveled about a mile off the main road and set up camp. They are taking turns on watch duty during the night…

…There seems to be a lot of distrust amongst the party, perhaps they should hash things out.


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