Bandit Fort

That next morning, the party awoke refreshed and ready to go. A few party members noticed someone spying on them from behind a tree. That person knew he was noticed, so he broke his cover and started to sprint south.

The party gave chase and eventually ran him down. The party attempted to intimidate their bloodied prisoner, who appeared to be only 10-12 years old… Before they could however, Khadgar cut his hand off, and the bandit fell unconscious.

With the hill no longer obscuring their view, they saw a bandit fort not far to the south. The guards on duty began long range shooting at the party with their bows. Wanting to assess the situation, the party disengaged back and climbed the hill. Ultimately, Khadgar and Varkas jumped the wall, while the rest of the party attacked through the front entrance. The three guards they saw were bound by chains to their posts and couldn’t have been older than 10-12 years old, just children… The party disagreed on how to proceed and their was some heated debate, but eventually all three guards were killed in cold blood…

With all the commotion going on outside, the apparent leader of the fort came out of the wooden building in a wild rage and entered combat with the party. After a very long fight, the party was successful in slaying this giant man.

The party searched for valuables and found a pouch containing gold coins/nuggets as well as a marble sculpture of King Traxon’s head, a valuable work of art. Ohms also looted a set of chainmail armor off the leader, which fit him fairly well.

Not wanting to leave any clues/evidence of their presence at the fort, Varkas decided to burn everything in the fort that he could to the ground. The party left the blazing fort and headed back towards Haven.

Since the party is not sure what will happen with Adoril, the map, and the jewelry, they decided to rest up before returning. They are now about 3-4 hours from town, camp is set up, and they are getting ready to take an extended rest for the night.


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