Into The Silver Hills -- Undead Cavern

The next morning the party goes about there business as if nothing happened. A few run some errands in town while others stay in and read a good book. Albino is informed by Cailove that there is going to be a private banquet to thank the party and that there is going to be a big surprise. Varkas also hears rumors around town that many political leaders and nobles from out of town are coming to celebrate at the banquet this coming evening.

Ohms takes the morning to go see Lord Loyalar’s personal blacksmith and see how the dragon scale armor is coming. The smith pulled an all-nighter working on the armor and is able to present it to Ohms. It is very finely crafted scale armor with 5-resist to cold damage (it can also be enchanted still).

That evening, at the banquet, the party enjoys another hearty feast. After the meal, Lord Loyalar calls each of them by name to come forward. Once all of them are there, he takes out a sword and makes Albino an official Knight of Galdria. The rest of the party is given the rank of Esquire of Galdria. They are given diplomatic papers, and Albino is presented with a magical Banner of Galdria (which is a Banner of Might). The party is each given a riding horse except Albino, who is given a war horse with some fancy light barding. The party celebrates and parties etc etc, it was a good night.

Not long after, the party decides it is time to leave Kimbolton in order to find the Dean of the wizard school that Swiftar went to. The Dean is said to be a Gatekeeper according to Lord Loyalar, just as Adoril was. The party wants to know more about these Gates and Gatekeepers, as well as what it means now that Adoril is dead.

The party heads northwest toward/into The Silver Hills. They manage to cross the border with their diplomatic papers and eventually arrive in the small town of Dragon’s Foot, just a small trek from where the wizard school is. There are many dwarven military personnel in this city, much more than is normal. Swiftar finds out that the wizard college has been destroyed and nearly all the faculty/staff killed. No one knows if the Dean is alive or dead. The party’s only lead is a student who escaped from the school. The party gets some information from him and deduces that the mage who attacked the college must be hiding out in an abandoned mine/cavern outside of town.

The party first investigates the destroyed college and then heads into the abandoned mine. They find dead bodies that have been rotting for what seems like months, most of the flesh eaten away and just bones remaining. Very shortly after seeing this, the skeletons reanimate and the party engages in combat with the undead foes. After a difficult battle, the bruised and beaten party is victorious. They deduce that the mage who attacked the college must be a necromancer…

We stopped here, the party has patched their wounds and caught their breath. They are about to venture deeper into the cavern.

Mouqol Merchants Guild House

So the party does some stuff around town like selling the dragon’s blood, enchanting a few weapons, and preparing for the coming night’s activities. They execute the plan very well at first, sneaking into the guild house and searching the rooms for their target.

The party eventually find their target in the ballroom praying to his god. They engage him and find out he is a religious paladin who is granted the aid of his god in combat. During the fight, the paladin told the party that striking him down will mean nothing, the guild has proof of Lord Loyalar’s illegal activities which will come to light whether he dies or not…

The party seemed uninterested in his ramblings and struck the paladin down. Rather than lighting the fires and leaving, the party decided to stick around and search the mansion for treasures. They eventually found a vault hidden under an altar in the chapel. They looted the goods inside blah blah blah. The guards outside were almost able to alert other of what had happened, but the party manage to trick them and cut them down… it was a pretty bad fuck up.

All four party members made it back to the castle without anyone really noticing them, though their absence at the party may have been noted by some, who knows.

Swiftar made the fire look like an alcohol induced accidence. The guildhouse burned down into a pile of soot and ash by the next morning despite town guard and other attempting to put out the flames. No bodies have been found or recovered yet.

Next session starts at dawn of that next morning.

Coppernight Mine

The party arrived at the city of Kimbolton safely. Cailove Loyalar informed her father of what happened in Haven in front of the party. Her father, Lord Elkas Loyalar, was very grateful and awarded the party 5000gp as a reward for such a noble act. The party asked a few questions about Haven and Adoril, revealing that Adoril had been killed. Lord Loyalar summoned a rider, and sent him off to Hope’s Bastion with great haste, to deliver a message to the king. Suspecting the dwarves of the Mouqol Merchants Guild of setting this ominous chain of events in motion, he asked the party to investigate a new dwarven mine outside of town. He couldn’t spare the men, and the scouts he sent earlier had not returned.

The party did some shopping and stuff around town at this point.

That evening, Lord Loyalar threw a grand feast in the party’s honor, but used most the feast to mingle with various rich traders, nobles, and other movers and shakers. The party wasn’t even at the head table…

Late into the party, when most people were feeling very buzzed or drunk, the party asked Lord Loyalar to go into more detail about Adoril and what is happening. He pulled them aside to another room and told them about the Gatekeepers, guardians of the gates to other realms/planes of existance. He knows there are at least four Gatekeepers. Only the king knows who all four are, but Lord Loyalar knew that Adoril was one, as well as Thakas Millstone, who Swiftar recognized to be the name of the Dean at the wizard college he attended in The Silver Hills.

With this new information, the party agreed to investigate the mine for Lord Loyalar. They got a good rest in the castle/palace and headed out early morning for the mine.

Upon arrival, there were no dwarves in sight. The excavation pit outside the mine had a group of kobolds that the party enaged in combat with. The party has now just descended the rope ladder into the mine, and that is where we are now.
Part 2:
The party descended into the mine, they fought more kobolds and killed them all. After finding a key on the priest kobold, Albino disguised himself as an injured kobold to initiate a surprise attack on the enemies in the final room. After the initial surprise and the combat had begun, Albino got thrown into a position where he laid eyes upon a young White Dragon Wyrmling who had taken control of the mine. After a long fight where Ohms almost died, the party was finally victorious. They took their loot and eventually found the prisoners. The twelve dwarves, including Kavalar Coppernight, were dead. With the twelve dead dwarves were two humans, one dead and one alive. The party gave aid to the living one who informed them of another way out of the mine.

The party returned to Kimbolton with the dragon’s body, their loot, their horses, and the injured/weak city guard scout. Many commoners gazed upon the dragon’s dead body as the party dragged it through the streets. There were cheers and screams, etc etc.

Eventually they arrived at the castle where Lord Elkas Loyalar was waiting with his captain of the guard and daughter (and others). The party offered the dragon’s head as a trophy to the lord, who accepted the gift with great excitement and elation. The party also told him about Kavalar… the party then took the conversation inside.

After explaining what happened at the mine, Lord Loyalar blamed the dwarves of the Mouqol Merchants Guild for this whole mess. He talked on and on, theorizing about how the dwarves could have let loose the kobolds and that dragon with their blind mining operations… He came to the conclusion that, for the safety of the city, the merchants guild could no longer be a part of this city. He has no legal authority to disband them here, only the king can do that. However, he asked that you discreetly remove the other high ranking member of the guild in town and destroy the guildhouse if possible. As a distraction, the lord is going to throw a massive feast. At this feast he can show off the dead dragon and the safe return of the scout, etc etc. With most of the town distracted by the feast, the party can remove the the last high ranking member without being caught… maybe. The lord is also going to supply Albino with oils and other alchemical items to burn the house down once the job is done, solidifying the ‘accident’ claim and avoiding any reason to believe that foul play was involved.

For now, the party is sleeping and preparing for the next day. Tomorrow night will be the night of the feast…

The Fall of Haven

The party made camp and called it an early night. Around 3-4 in the morning, Varkas noticed an orange-yellow glow coming from the approximate location of Haven. He could tell there was heat from this glow and immediately woke the party. They ran to Haven and found the whole hamlet set ablaze.

Dead kobold bodies littered the streets as they approached Adoril’s house. They found him dead in his house with three Drow dead beside him, two male and one female. They noticed a large fight and perceived that the Drow soldiers must have been looking for something, perhaps the map they had in their possession…

The party split here and started looking for survivors. Varkas and Albino found that there had been a huge massacre at the town inn. It was there that they met Walry Onyxarm, a dwarven trader who had survived by hiding amongst the corpses.

After checking for more survivors and failing to find any, the party followed Walry to a farmhouse/villa just outside of town. The party attempted to deceive the kobolds, but failed when their owner commanded them to kill the imposters.

The party quickly dispatched of the kobolds, but had a more difficult time with the male Drow who tried to finish the job. After a long bloody battle, the party was victorious and able to stabilize the Drow. They tied him up and Varkas spoke/interrogated/talked to the Drow in elvish. (lol like 2 sentences for a 2+ hours battle…)

The party looted the corpses, finding some valuable items. They explored most of the residence, finding more valuables inside. Albino found a scared young adult woman named Cailove Loyalar, who he comforted, and he told her they had slain all the invaders. She seemed incredibly thankful and relieved to be safe, and she offered great reward if the party would escort her back home in Kimbolton (to the west).
See: World Map

Knowing that more Kobolds and Drow could be coming to reinforce at any moment, the party decided not to stay the night. There was a feast mostly prepared, baths, silk beds, and a warm hearth… but the risk was not worth it. The party requisitioned a total of five horses from the stables, saddled them up, and left town. They rode west on the main trade road towards Kimbolton and is staying at an inn just off the road for the first night of an approx~ 4day journey.

Final notes:
Walry Onyxarm died in combat
Cailove Loyalar claims she is a Lady of noble birth and that her father is the Lord of Kimbolton as well as a very rich man.

Bandit Fort

That next morning, the party awoke refreshed and ready to go. A few party members noticed someone spying on them from behind a tree. That person knew he was noticed, so he broke his cover and started to sprint south.

The party gave chase and eventually ran him down. The party attempted to intimidate their bloodied prisoner, who appeared to be only 10-12 years old… Before they could however, Khadgar cut his hand off, and the bandit fell unconscious.

With the hill no longer obscuring their view, they saw a bandit fort not far to the south. The guards on duty began long range shooting at the party with their bows. Wanting to assess the situation, the party disengaged back and climbed the hill. Ultimately, Khadgar and Varkas jumped the wall, while the rest of the party attacked through the front entrance. The three guards they saw were bound by chains to their posts and couldn’t have been older than 10-12 years old, just children… The party disagreed on how to proceed and their was some heated debate, but eventually all three guards were killed in cold blood…

With all the commotion going on outside, the apparent leader of the fort came out of the wooden building in a wild rage and entered combat with the party. After a very long fight, the party was successful in slaying this giant man.

The party searched for valuables and found a pouch containing gold coins/nuggets as well as a marble sculpture of King Traxon’s head, a valuable work of art. Ohms also looted a set of chainmail armor off the leader, which fit him fairly well.

Not wanting to leave any clues/evidence of their presence at the fort, Varkas decided to burn everything in the fort that he could to the ground. The party left the blazing fort and headed back towards Haven.

Since the party is not sure what will happen with Adoril, the map, and the jewelry, they decided to rest up before returning. They are now about 3-4 hours from town, camp is set up, and they are getting ready to take an extended rest for the night.

Goblin Cave

The party entered the goblin cave and almost immediately triggered a trap in a secret room. They recovered from this and encountered a door. They peaked in and saw at least one goblin in that room. They tied the door closed using rope and moved toward a set of double doors.

The party entered combat in the main boss chamber and left no goblin or beast alive. They found the map, but soon after entered combat with goblin reinforcements… The party slayed those goblins, eventually with the help of Varkas who was blocking the exit.

After the second round of combat, the party used a ritual to discover the secrets of the map.
They also found a secret room triggered by pulling on a special torch. In the room was a locked chest which Khadgar unlocked. Inside was treasure and the jewelry.

The party split the goods, left the goblin hideout, and headed back to Haven. It had been a VERY long day at this point, so they traveled about a mile off the main road and set up camp. They are taking turns on watch duty during the night…

…There seems to be a lot of distrust amongst the party, perhaps they should hash things out.

Bandits on the Road

The party encountered a toll collector on the road north of Haven which turned out to be a bandit ambush. The bandits were easily dispatched, there were no survivors.

Not much was learned, the bandit who was taken prisoner claimed they were from Pinopolis to the east… He also reaffirmed that there was a goblin hideout west of that current location (crossroads).

Looted 89 gp total. Albino tried and failed to sneak some extra for himself.

The party killed the prisoner and headed west. They found the goblin cave/hideout…

A Crumpled Note

This is the very beginning of the adventure!

Your journeys have taken you to the small hamlet of Haven. This morning, a young child approaches you and said a man gave him 5 copper to deliver this note… and he hands you a crumpled up note.

It reads:

I have noticed your talents, I require your aid. Meet me at the Haven’s Rest Inn this night. You will not be disappointed.
-illegible name

Start of player action begins…

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